There are many different reasons why people decide to gain a qualification through higher education. Whether it’s to pursue a certain occupation or career goal; to get a better job; or to learn more in-depth about an area of study, having the support of family and friends can make a difference to the student’s success.

As a parent, you may have a number of questions about your child or loved one going on to higher education. One important way you can provide support is to join in on the conversation and find out more about your child’s motivations and goals for their future. The internet is full of an assortment of information, so we’ve brought together some sites and ideas to get you started.

Parent resources

Information. Support. Contacts. Links.

As parents, you have the ability to shape, sustain and develop your children into students who are active, interested, diligent, creative and tolerant, through positive parenting and involvement in the learning process and educational activities. Please never underestimate how important your support and involvement is to your child’s educational successes. We’ve provided some simple ways and information on how you can get involved with your child’s higher education journey.

Do you have questions about higher education? Are you unsure what benefits further studies can provide to your child? Here you will find a selection of links to information and resources specifically for parents and carers. There is sure to be something of relevance to you in understanding the key role you have in influencing your child’s higher education future.

Indigenous Education Units

Staying connected

Universities provide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in a variety of ways to help them navigate their way through university and succeed in their studies. Indigenous Education Units (or Indigenous Support Units) include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and support services to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students achieve their dreams, while staying connected to what’s important. Search through the Indigenous Education Units at many universities, and discover information and contacts which could assist with information on financial assistance and scholarships, and alternative entry pathway information.