Home is where the heart is…

Leaving home to go to university can be tough, and finding a place to move to can sometimes be even tougher! Perhaps this is your first time away from home? Or, maybe you’ve moved around a bit before, so finding a place is no big deal? Whatever your circumstances, we’ve provided some tips and links to help you find your ‘home’ away from home.

Once you’ve decided which university to study at, you can always contact the university’s student services area and ask about any local student accommodation options. Many universities offer free advice and information to students, including future students, about any student accommodation options available within the local area. Search ‘accommodation’ on the university website.

In weighing up where you want to study, it’s worth thinking about what accommodation options you may have in that location. Do you have family and community connections close by? Or are you thinking of moving further afield? How much rent can you afford? Will you need to be close to public transport to get to your studies? Are you moving on your own? Or is family coming with you?

You can get a starting idea about how much rental accommodation will cost by checking out rental prices online for the area near the university you want to study at. By the time you factor in other expenses like transport, food, bills and the other necessities you will know if that’s within your weekly budget, or not!

And to connect with support and information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, you can contact the university’s Indigenous Education Unit.

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