When making a decision about where you want to study, think about what accommodation options you may have in that area. Are family and community already close by? Or are you moving further away? What can you afford to pay for rent, and will you need public transport to get to your studies? Are you on your own, or is family coming with you?

By checking the rentals and share accommodation listings on some of the major real estate websites you will get an idea of the current rental prices for the kinds of accommodation options that might suit your budget. And while you are thinking about affording university and finding somewhere to live, don’t forget to allow for other expenses you will have like transport, food, bills, study expenses and any other necessities.

There is so much information already at your fingertips online, so have a search around the internet and see what you find that’s right for you. Don’t forget to search your university or the Indigenous Education Unit websites for any available information on student accommodation options relevant to the local area.

We’ve provided a few further links below to get you started, including various state-based Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services sites.

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