When I grow up I wanna be…

Sometimes we have so many options available; it can be hard to make a decision. This is where thinking big about your future helps to answer questions such as: What do I want to do? Where do I want to be? When it comes to choosing a career path, it can be tricky trying to imagine which path will be the right one for you…but keep in mind, there could also be a number of ‘right’ paths.

Talking with your Career Counsellor or Career Advisor at school is a great way to seek advice and discuss goal planning and career options. Talking with family and friends can also be helpful, especially if they encourage you to think big and reach for your dreams. Is there someone you already know working in a field that you are interested in, that you can meet with and ask questions about what the work involves? What if you’ve already made a decision and enrolled in further study but it’s not what you thought it would be? Universities provide student support services, including career guidance and advice that can help you decide what options you have.

First things first though, you can search online to find out about different possible careers and courses that might be right for you, and to discuss further. We’ve provided some resources and links to get you started.

Sometimes it can seem like everyone has some advice or ideas on what would be the best for your career. It’s important to be able to seek advice and to discuss your initial ideas with people you trust and respect, and who you know are genuinely interested in you and your future. Some people may mean well, but unless they have gone on to higher education or know someone who has, they may think it’s just a bit of pipe-dream, and end up not being very encouraging.

There is so much career information available online, so you can investigate and start to think about your different career options, goals and aspirations at any time that suits you. It’s a great idea to think through some of your ideas, and then when you meet with your career advisor at school, or family and friends, you’ll already have checked out a few career options that you can discuss further!

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