Universities offer a higher level of education than secondary school, which can lead to a bachelors degree qualification in your area of interest, with the opportunity to then go further and complete a master or even a doctoral degree if you wish.

There are over 40 universities within Australia, with no two universities exactly the same, each offering a variety of courses and subject disciplines. Some people choose a university based on its reputation; while others may choose a university because of its location, or perhaps because they have friends going there too. Any reasons you use to decide which university to study at are the right reasons!

Many universities have a main campus location, with smaller campuses in other locations, or has online studies available. With a little bit of research, you will be able to find a university that is right for you. There are also non-university providers and registered training organisations which may offer alternative study pathways degrees and courses in your area of interest too.

Generally, universities will hold at least an open day each year (usually August to September) to invite the public and prospective students onto campus to explore the facilities, to promote the range of study courses on offer, showcase their research and to highlight the many student-focused services and activities that are available. Going to an open day is a great way to discover what that university can offer you, to get a feel for the place, and to chat face-to-face with current students and staff.  Depending on the university’s location, it may not be possible to attend an open day, and checking out their website might be the only way you can get the information you need to make a decision to study there. Start exploring the opportunities and possibilities to think your way through higher education.

For more information, please visit the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching website at http://www.qilt.edu.au/

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