It’s going to cost money to attend university. So how will you afford university? Will you need to get a part time job? Is there financial support that you can access, or are you eligible for a scholarship? Some people choose to study part time, so that they can juggle working as well. Others may take a gap year working and saving up some money to help get them through their future studies. Many people also apply to defer their university fees, paying it back as a loan in the future, once they have graduated and are working. For more information on help in paying for university, please visit:

Consider how much money you will realistically need to support yourself while studying. What will work for your situation? How will you bring your career dreams to reality? Are you prepared to make some sacrifices to achieve your goals? It can be challenging being a student and feeling that you are waiting for a decent income to come your way, sometime in the future… but it’s not impossible. Thousands of students feel financial hardship when trying to gain higher education qualifications, and yet they can manage to do it. Stay focused on your goals, and don’t give up. Find out ways you can afford university.

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