Enrolment Guide

I want in…but how?

So you’re interested in enrolling into a course, but not really sure where to start. Did you know that each higher education provider across Australia has their own process of how people can apply to study? The most common way to apply to study at university is through the Tertiary Admissions Centre for each State/Territory. But that’s not the only way! Come find out more…


Campus Life

Choices, choices...

Every university and campus will be unique, depending on a number of factors. Whether the campus is located in the city or based regionally will obviously influence the physical space; and the mix of courses and disciplines of study on offer will attract people from all walks of life together around common themes of interest. Some campuses may be more focused on teaching and learning, while others may have centres of intensive research, or a mix of both. Some courses are offered fully online. Check out the websites of university or non-university providers that offer courses you are interested in, to help you to gain an idea of what their campus life is like.

Student Life

At work, rest and play!

Higher education providers, particularly universities, put a lot of effort into supporting students to maximise the overall student experience. Student services and supports include having dedicated staff that students can approach for information or assistance on a number of different needs, from academic skills services to counselling, from accommodation information to scholarships. Some student services are available to all students, while other student services may be targeted specifically to particular groups, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Let’s not forget the social side of student life too, where there will be many social activities and events, plus student interest and sporting clubs, that will provide further opportunities to meet new friends, have fun and to add ‘balance’ to all the study and hard work.

Indigenous Education Units

Staying connected

Most Australian universities have Indigenous Education Units or Indigenous Support Units with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and support services to help you achieve your dreams, while staying connected to what’s important. Search for the Indigenous Education Unit at your university.