What’s the vibe?

Higher education is very different to secondary school…but some things may also be fairly similar! Of course there will be the studies, attending classes, homework and the assessment side of things. But then there’s also a lot more freedom and flexibility, where you decide how you progress through your studies!

Many students are really motivated to pursue their career goals and put in effort to succeed. For many students, there is a lot of pressure to strive hard and remain focused and committed – whether it is from themselves, or from family expectations, or to fulfil scholarship obligations. As clichéd as it might sound, higher education is an investment in yourself, and provides opportunity to increase your knowledge and to gain qualifications that can unlock your career aspirations and future achievements.

In higher education, students can be any age and are from various cultural backgrounds and walks of life. The mix of courses being offered at the campus will influence the campus life and ‘vibe’ of the place, as will the location of the campus. Is the campus located in the city, or suburbs, or more regionally? Some campuses are almost like little villages with student accommodation or residential colleges on site, and cafés, takeaways, chemists, bookshops and other necessities available while on campus.

Given that no two universities or non-university providers are the same, we suggest checking out the websites that you might be interested in, and check out what facilities they have on campus. Another idea is to check out some of the social media sites to gauge what the campus life is like.

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