What’s my scene?

Going on to higher education can be an exciting, challenging and let’s be honest, sometimes also a stressful time. Higher education providers, particularly universities, arrange for a number of services and supports to help you make the most of your study journey, and are designed to keep you engaged, connected and supported throughout your studies.

Gaining a sense of belonging is important as you realise your place in the university community. And remember, you do belong in higher education! There will be people from all different walks of life, different backgrounds and cultures, and different ages…and yet, until you experience higher education and get involved, it may be difficult to imagine what it is going to be like.

Most Indigenous Education Units provide an orientation program additional to the general orientation that a university will provide. This is a great opportunity to meet other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and to become familiar with the key services and supports that are there to help you succeed in your studies, and to help you stay focused on your studies and to engage with student life.

Check out the university or non-university provider websites where you think you might like to study. It’s important to have a look at what courses they offer, but don’t forget to check out what information they have available about student services and the student life activities on campus. Think about what supports and activities are important to you, and what would help you succeed in your studies.

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