With a range of resources and information to highlight the benefits of higher education, relevant to current school students, recent school leavers, and even non-school leavers, there is sure to be something of relevance to you and your students.

Search through the various universities and non-university providers; or make contact with the many university Indigenous Education Units for specific information and assistance. The higher education sector is committed to engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people particularly in areas where participation in higher education has been low, including: students with no family history of higher education; students from lower and disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds; disabled students; mature students; and students with vocational qualifications.

There will always be the same type of questions that are raised by students, such as:

  • “Why go to university, and am I smart enough?”
  • “How do I choose a university course, because there are some many to select?”
  • “How do I actually apply to university?”
  • “How am I going to pay for my university fees?”
  • “What is a typical university student life like?”

ThinkYourWay.edu.au will help to answer and guide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people when considering university as a viable option.

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