Ted Liddy – My name is Ted and I’m from Darwin.

Debbie Liddy – And my name’s Debbie and I was born in India but I grew up in Darwin.  Well we’ve got two exceptionally awesome human beings for our daughters and it was never going to be an issue whether they were going to succeed.  They’re both extremely beautiful young women.

Ted Liddy – Yeah and I feel very lucky to have two girls as they are because, and also to have met Deb, because it was Deb’s drive that really has got my girls where they are.

Debbie Liddy – And never a doubt in our minds that they were going to go on to tertiary studies because they were just so good at their studies right from the start, especially in you know their ten, eleven, twelve years.  They were so focused that they chose subjects that would give them a good TER, a good rating and they really honed in on, ‘I’ve got to get a good TER’, so when those year twelve results came on oh our household, we were nervous wrecks!  So that meant that there was no choice, they were going to go to uni and we were going to make sure that happened, financially, emotionally, you know everything wise.

Ted Liddy – That drive and focus and that did come from Deb and there was a  belief you know I think from our girls that we were going to be there to support them all the way through.  So you know I think our girls whatever they wanted to do you know, they knew they were going to get our help and we were going to try and help them and it’s important we all know, you know we’re told so often you know it’s important to get an education and so you know it’s good our girls did get that and yeah they are where they are now.

Debbie Liddy – It was better than winning the lotto, you know, just going to both their graduations was such a high for us wasn’t it? (Ted Liddy – Yeah)  You know flying interstate and to see them, to finally see them finish their degrees.   We’ve got these photos on our wall and I still look at it and pinch myself to think that wow both my girls have finished their studies and I still, we talk about it, Ted and I talk about everything, we’ve got a doctor and a physio and it’s just amazing you know.  So every parent you know should at least have that little bit of privilege and the beautiful warm fuzzy feeling it gives you, cause oh there is no doubt, it is just the best you know.

Ted Liddy – Yeah I think you know it’s easier said than done but at the end of the day you know especially with my family, you know, maybe even yours Deb, but you know like just completing high school was you know was an achievement as far as I’m concerned and then for the girls to go on and do uni and to get their studies and do their studies and then graduate at being a doctor and a physio was just unbelievable as far as I’m concerned.  Yeah it’s just incredible.

Debbie Liddy – My advice to parents would be it’s not hard having children who want to go on to tertiary studies.  The year twelve is a very stressful year as it is you know and to make that choice to go into tertiary studies, obviously they do it with a lot of strength behind them and they need parents to be there to support them, to be that soft place to land, to cry if they needed to, to ask for help and you as a parent I think need to know when they’re crying out, need to read those signs because their success is your success you know and we need more Indigenous young men and women to succeed in uni and parents need to really give them that push and be that strength behind them to say you’ve got to finish, you will finish, you’re good enough to finish, you know and that’s my advice to parents.

Ted Liddy – Yeah I think there has to be a good balance at home for them and in many ways and I just think, yeah there were times when I thought no too hard, they’re only little kids.  But at the end of the day you know I’m glad that you know they did go through it and sometimes you just have to let them suffer and say look just you know, yeah ‘toughen up’, Deb always kept a bag of cement handy if they needed it.  But yeah I think parents that’s the hardest to, we all love our children so much you don’t want them to go through that, but I’m glad they did.

Debbie Liddy – I as a very proud mum and I know Ted as well, but as a very proud mum I’d like to say how hard it’s been for the four years that they were both away from home interstate, how hard it’s been for them and I’m so proud of our girls.  So proud of the young health professionals they’ve become and I’m so proud of them being able to give back to their community you know, especially to those most in need like in the health field.  I couldn’t be prouder of my children.

Ted Liddy – Yeah I’m pretty happy too with my daughters saying you know like when I do this, when I do that, I want to come back and I want to help, I want to come home and I want to work with you know the people here Aboriginal people and help them you know so it’s good that they’re not just going to take and go, they want to come back and help.  It’s great, I’m very proud of them.

Liddy Family's Interview

Liddy Family

Location: Darwin

Ted and Debbie Liddy from Darwin, NT are the parents of physiotherapist, Candice and doctor, Simone. Ted and Debbie were fortunate to have two very motivated daughters going through high school. Throughout their children’s studies, Ted and Debbie supported them by offering encouragement and a ‘soft place to land’ whenever they needed it. Ted and Debbie believe parents need to be the strength behind their children to help them achieve their goals.